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It can be an intimidating process to start counselling, however the results are well worth taking that first step. Therapy can be life changing! At Encounter Counselling Centre we provide a safe, non-judgmental, confidential, and accepting environment in which to change and grow. We work together with you to create a professional treatment plan that addresses the reasons that brought you to therapy. We draw from evidenced- based treatment modalities to create that plan that is tailored to you.


The goal in therapy is to develop new insights, tools, and strategies that will assist you in making changes that will lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life.


At Encounter Counselling Centre we appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of each individual.


Services are offered by a registered therapist, with over 35 years of experience, who promotes optimal personal growth and development.

Our expertise covers a wide range of issues that children, youth, families, couples and adults experience. Counselling can benefit those seeking help with: ADHD, ADD, children who experience emotional/behavioural and social difficulties, Emotional regulation, Selective mutisim, Parenting strategies, Anger management, Anxiety, Depression, Feelings of being overwhelmed, overcoming Sexual abuse, Inter-generational Trauma, Family conflict, Divorce and Separation, Blended Family dynamics, Relationship difficulties,  Marital, Women’s issues, Grief due to loss, and Life transitions. These concerns are including but not limited to.


If you are looking to change, grow, and develop a new way of thinking that leads to a well-adjusted life our Counselling Centre can help. We would like to empower you to cope and manage the challenges that brought you to counselling.


The rates for our counselling services start at $100 per single session

We accept cash, e-transfer, Visa, MC major credit cards and health insurance.


To arrange a consultation or appointment, please provide us with your contact information below

If you prefer to contact by phone please call: 519.736.5644. Ex.705

Please provide the following information in your email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Services you are interested in

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